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The world is starting to change the way watches are designed and created. Smart watches or watch phones are becoming popular each day. Soon enough, they are sure to dominate everyone who is always up for new and innovative things!


These smart watches initially dominated the curiosity of the world within the spy movies wherein are used as an essential tool for espionage. However, these concepts were buried under time. The idea of groundbreaking watches was taken-off from the table until today. Since a couple of years back, we have seen a completely diverse perspective about smart watches.  The most reputable and highly-acclaimed mobile phone companies began giving time to the concept of designing smart watches. They are coming up with new ideas and innovative smart watches to be shared to the market.


Soon enough, it may be possible that you can control home appliances through smart watches, do various tasks and save it afterwards with a smart phone. If your company thinks it is now the right time for you to change the way you offer your watches, how do you cope up? Do you have the team of watch designers that aside from being well-versed in designing and putting batteries on the watch, also know how to incorporate smart apps on it?


If you don’t, there is no reason to feel troubled for Design by Beau got your back. Together, we can make smart watches according to your needs and expectations. More than the gorgeous design of your watch, we will produce something that will let you feel always on the go with it! Interacting with friends?  Want to visit Facebook and see your notifications? We can do so much more!


Most smart watches today come with a platinum or gold matt finish for fashionable people. Its thin yet amazingly convenient screen makes it complementary to any getup.  If you think you need this innovation to your company watches now, allow us to be of help to you.  We will never remain a concept design stuck up, we will always find a way to make it real and tangible at your wrist!


About the Project


Simply see this smartwatch on the left. Design by Beau is proud to be its official concept designer. Does it not earn any curiosity and interest from you?  More than just looking good, it also functions as a dependable smart phone at your wrist. It has the capacity to send SMS, answer calls and update your Facebook page.  It has a battery life which can last about a week! It has an HD display and HD camera that will blow your mind. Additionally, while being low profile in its design, it utilizes a curved display in order to maximize the screen, making it one of the biggest smart watch screens on the market today!


 If you want such smart watch to be yours now, simply get connected with us at _____.