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Glass pad

Technology is on steady rise even today. All kinds of gadgets come and go. Some have gone obsolete and while others have improved more and more with astounding features. Among these amazing gadgets you can find is the smart Pad. Smart Pad is a brilliant gadget for everybody’s use. Today, the newest smart Pad from Design by Beau is introduced to you.

Glass Pad is created by Design by Beau is a smart pad that has a see-through glass screen which leaves you with nothing to imagination but everything to question. As the very first and lone crystal tablet available Glass Pad has everything you need and so much more. Equipped with the most up-to-date technology which includes a word processor as well as all the apps you can handle together with a 500 GB memory card. Apart from that, it comes with a wide range of smart features a including:

  • A stunning HD display and HD camera
  • 2 cameras in front and back
  • Super clear flash on front screen which allows lighting during Skype calls or face time
  • All of that and definitely more

Glass Pad is a lot different than any other smart tablets there is. An original product, it has features you cannot find on any other products. Being a crystal smart pad, it is easy to use and every gesture feels smooth to you. Nothing is ever more convenient for you with Glass Pad.

Unlike from traditional smart pad, Glass Pad is supports multi-function system which enables you to use it conveniently and intuitively. It comes with multiple functions that you cannot find with other smart pads. Moreover, Glass Pad comes ready with multitude of apps that you can’t handle. It has all kinds of apps you can use for whatever it is you want to do. Whatever it is you are looking for, Glass Pad has it all for you.

No longer will you need to look for the apps that you want for Glass Pad definitely has them for you. If you still want more, it has 500 GB memory card, so the amount of data this smart pad has is almost limitless. There’s definitely nothing you will need more with Glass Pad.

Of course, that is not all what you can find with Glass Pad. It has features you have got to see and explore to see how amazing this smart pad truly is. Made from quality materials and equipment, this electronic gadget is designed for technology buffs like you. Glass Pad is a combination of sleek design and great web coding which makes it a guaranteed unstoppable technological innovation.

Through innovative design and excellent engineering, this smart pad is born in satisfaction of all your needs and expectations. This is a smart pad born from imagination brought to life for the improvement of human experience. If what you are looking for is a unique, absolutely stunning smart pad, Glass Pad is what you are looking for. It has everything and more in store for you.