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Mobile devices are definitely the trend today. Almost everyone has got all the imaginable mobile devices there could be, from Android phones to smart tablets. Of all, Smartphones are one of the most in-demand. More and more newer versions of these devices are launched in the market.

Today, something new and definitely unique smart device is here for you and that is Glass. Glass is a smart phone that comes with a see-through glass display, something that often just lives inside your imagination and yet is here for you. Glass is the first and the sole see-through smart device which has everything that you want and more.

Glass is ingenious smart device that is unlike any other mobile device out there. Through its glass screen, you’ll find that things appear closer than they truly are. Taking pictures with Glass is even more extraordinary for when you do you’ll see exactly the object that you are taking picture of. With glass, it is as if you can see thru the future.

Along with the crystal screen, it comes with a stunning design and a really incredible HD display as if you are living in the future. It has 2 cameras, in front and back plus a superbly clear flash that gives you a very good lighting during Skype calls and face time.

It also comes ready with wide range of apps inside. Apart from that, there is also the multitude of other features that you have to see and explore yourself to get the best experience that this smart phone can offer you. All the more, you’ll love that it is made from high-end materials and skilled engineering which makes it a truly amazing smart device.

Glass comes in real sleek design that it’s got that smooth feel you’ll really love. It also has a multi-functional system that allows you to use it conveniently and naturally as if it’s a part of you. It is also ultra thin and ultra lightweight for your ease of use. It has everything that you look for in any smart device there is.

Created to mesmerize you with its amazing design and features, Glass aims to elevate you to an experience unlike anything you had before. With the use of state of the art CAD programs for manufacturing, Glass has become what it is today—the mobile gadget that doesn’t just meet, but exceed your expectations. Glass now makes its way to you, so you can experience the most that technology gas to offer for you. The glass is also made tough so as to resist scratch as well as shatter despite its ultra thin size.

With Glass, you will certainly get the most extraordinary experience you can get from a smart phone. If what you are looking for is the best smart phone you can brag to your friends, then Glass is the one you are looking for. Everything is all thanks to Design by Blue. Through their extensive design background and incredible web coding development, high quality consumer products are made possible