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Customized cases for smart phones are very much popular these days. But how will you react discovering that aside from being a gorgeous case, it can also save you from threat? Well, since crimes are everywhere and smart phones are very much in-demand today, you must protect yourself and your phone from any kind of harm. This is the main reason why iPhone case guns are designed.

We, at design by Beau have already designed many iPhone cases that are not only sophisticated and stunning but also have great uses. Aside from protecting the phone from scratches or breaks, we also incorporate a stun effect on the case so that if a person suddenly tries to grab it from the owner, the former will be surprised and stunned. He will feel like he was being shot without a gun and bullet, only an effective stun gun phone case.

If you think you need this kind of case now, we offer customized design of such a stun gun case. Simply discuss you need of a protective shield for your valuable smart phone and one of our most-considerable and seasoned designers will present a concept design to you. If you approve it, we’ll continue and finish the design right away. If you have some more specifications, we are very much ready to listen. It is your prerogative to order us, so please be open and comfortable with us.

To learn more about this kind of design project, below is a brief discussion of our iStun5 stun gun case project.

About the Project 

This gorgeous case for your most valuable iPhone does not only look cool and deadly, it also comes with a kick and punch together with a built-in stun gun.  The iPhone case was conceptualized and designed out of ultra strong and light weight aluminum giving it an excellent protective barrier between you and whoever bad guy decides to steal or mess up with your smart phone. Overall, the stun gun case lets out fifty thousand (50,000) volts in order to make certain the bad person who is trying to mess up with your gadget does not get back again. It will dial 911 automatically, giving them your particular location for additional protection.

Never be caught alone again without this stun gun case tucked on your phone and with you.

Simply set an appointment with Design by Beau now if you want the same customized case designed for you..