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From the primitive salves and oils composed in ancient civilizations to the modern essences and synthetics used to produce perfumes today, they all meant to scent yourself. Their essences and the way they are produced may change consistently, but one thing’s for certain, they are presented in the most beautiful bottles to make them more attractive and enchanting.

A perfume bottle is now significantly considered essential as the juice or essence it carries. As the perfumers have struggled to visualize and create tangible bottles that will the perfectly reflect their scented creations, they give equal attention to the design of their perfume bottles. Perfume bottle designs have to appear royal and sophisticate, giving the implication that fragrance inside as well carries the same compliments.

The design must be elegant and unique. For instance, if the perfume’s flavor is apple, then the bottle may also be designed in the shape of an apple. This innovation would surely make a really good impression to perfume-buyers. But how about your perfume bottle is designed in accordance to the shape of shimmering orient pearl?  How will you react? It is such a gorgeous idea, isn’t it? This is certainly what Design by Beau can design can do for you.

Design by Beau is an established project design company that can turn your design vision into reality. With our extraordinary techniques in designing and the generous flow of concept ideas in our seasoned and talented designers, you are sure to grab a good perfume bottle design. Simply allow the company to do the work according to your specifications for we can do it without trouble.  This is our specialty so give us the chance to impress and satisfy your expectations. To learn about this perfume bottle design we have created inspired by the pearl in the ocean, read below.

About the Project

Pearl is a work of art structured to be a perfume bottle for women who may not only desire to smell really good but also wishes to have a decretive piece that highlight its beauty. The concept of this design originated from the perfume which has the fragrance of the ocean and the aroma of a real pearl directly taken out from the ocean floor.  With a single spray of this perfume, expect that it will give you a cool feeling and give you off a hot sensual aroma that can attract the opposite sex.

If you think your perfume company needs this kind of innovation for your perfume bottles, dial or email us now.