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Are you finding it hard to update your website design? Do you think you need an honest assessment on how to improve its look and color? Since we are well-versed about how the design of a website affects how people perceive a company, allow Design by Beau to make a big change in your website. Whether it is an e-commerce website or a group website of your university, give our men the chance to impress and show you what we’ve got and in stored for you!  We can design your website to the best of your expectations and need. We can make you brand stand out just by making your site images sparkling and clear.


We offer each and every client a one-on-one personal discussion with their website requirements together with one of our reputable and resident web designer.  With their seasoned knowledge in web design, logo design, imagery and others, you can have high hopes that they can design your project at the exact time you need it and on the best from which you expect it.


About the Project


One of our most recent clients in our web design services is Starling Group. The image on the left is the design and web development service we have done for them. As they wanted to have a unified and organized online website for their group of offices, they have asked us to develop a simple, user-friendly and highly-functional website where every office can share their thoughts and information with each other.


Also, as they have personally instructed us to make it formal with only a few colors included, we have incorporated a simple background and indeed used a few colors for them. Their company pictures are edited in Photoshop to make them even more vivid and eye-catchy to everyone. Their website content was only given attention to make certain they convey the right message to the public. Successfully, Starling Group now has this gorgeous site to take advantage of.  We are sure there is no way they will confuse it for it’s just with what they need: Simple yet high-functional.


For those who are in need of the same service now or anything related to your website development, Design by Beau is available through phone and email. Simply let us know about what you need for we are always willing to adapt and customize our packages.


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