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Modern technology is moving in a potent speed. Every single day, a new technological innovation is presented. What used to be a science fiction then is now the reality of science. All of such advancement is bound to impact the balance of the IT industry. Its rapid progress has even started making its way in the medical and healthcare front.  Infusing modern technology with health started off only on a trial and error basis and now it has advanced more than ever. It has taken the field of medicine at the new heights of modernization.


Some of the most advanced medical devices used today are Bluetooth Ultrasound. The fundamental function of such material is its ability to record an ultrasound and conveniently sends the information into the patient’s tablet or smart phone. The main feature of such excellent device is that can analyze the movements of a baby, the progress of the baby inside the womb, its gender and a lot more. Once every single thing in the baby has examined and his or her condition is in the right place, this data can now be sent to the patient’s gadget through Bluetooth. This is how good this device is.


For those who are in the medical field and does not have this kind of ultrasound monitoring device yet, Design by Beau can surely of help in the matter. We design your ultrasound device along with a Bluetooth. If you think the Bluetooth feature is not enough, simply tell us your thoughts.


 About the Project


USound Ultrasound Bluetooth is one of our concept designs in the field of medicine. USound is not your typical ultrasound. As its name suggests, the device has incorporated the Bluetooth technology in order to make it more flexible and simpler to utilize. Through a direct importation to your tablet or phone, you now have the chance to personally and directly see your baby inside you at the blink of an eye.  Designed and built out of durable plastic and comprehensively sealed to maintain any substance out, this device is perfect to be part of hospital equipments. For those who want it at their home, you can also have it that way.  It comes with a simple to use application to speedily view and share your latest ultra sounds with your whole family.


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