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Consumer Electronic Designs

We offer our valued clients with our mind blowing designs that will fit with their taste, desire, needs and expectations.

We create only the best designs for all our respected customers. With Design by beau, there is no reason why you won’t like your design or your money back. In addition to this, we make use of the finest programs in our studio, ranging from PRO-E to 3D Max and now even WordPress for awesome web development and designs. We are a start to finish design team talking on everything from web development, manufacturing, prototypes, engineering, products and branding.


Inspirational Design

We are a product design enterprise that has been changing the future of how products are designed and made to fit in the world today. Furthermore, we have over 10 years of experience in the field of product development game and we completely believe that there is no challenge that cannot be surpassed. If you need anything designed and need it fast, we are the ideal answer to your problem. Many of us aspire to create our own electronic device for personal purposes. You want to come up with an innovation that may be utilized by other people for broader applications. But, being a design specialist and a certified electronic designer is not easy in the true sense of their work. It requires proper education and God-given talent in order to provide electronic design services. Design by beau starts with a simple sketch on paper and creates ideas and inspiration to bring them to life.


Why choose us?

unique design | market research | unmatched experience

We, at Design by beau have long outstanding track record of designing products that continue to win awards and at the same time bring new meaning to the word trend. We have taken small product companies and made them into multi-million dollar enterprise with human interface and great technology to create the next and upcoming products. Exceptional customer satisfaction and customer service is our top priority and this is one of the reasons why we strive hard and worked together to meet and go beyond the needs, demands, desires and expectations of all our valued customers.


Beau Reid bio

Beau received his B.S in Industrial Design  at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2007.  It was here that he found his passion for design and development in the product world. Fast forward to 10 years of experience in the product development game,  there is no challenge he cannot surpass.  He has worked with some of the most sophisticated companies learning all the tricks of the trade to further his career and enhance all the abilities needed to make a successful product in the market today.

Consumer Electronic Designs


Design is what we do best and to keep it simple, here is our 5 step program to take your idea and make it a reality.

Consumer Electronic Designs


Design by beau starts with a simple sketch on paper and creates ideas and inspiration to bring them to life. This is where innovative ideas are made to take the product to the next level of design and combine them with function for . After the sketching stage is completed, it then transfers over to the computer where color and realism are created and more detail is added into the design. The final step is to present all the concepts to the client and choose one or more concepts and combine them to create the final design .

Consumer Electronic Designs


Our electronic engineering group is specialized in ASIC design, FPGA design, hardware and system architecture, embedded software design, DSP design as well as signal/ power integrity analysis. Clients ask for our help with their design review, feasibility studies, timing closure support, engineering cost analysis, architecture review or definition and many others. Using only the most sophisticated programs to date, we can make some of the most microscopic and sophisticated parts known to man .



After 3D modeling your new concept, with advanced CAD software, we take the model and 3D render it in 3Ds Max studio. This combined with great surface modeling detail will make your concept come to life in a photo realistic image that will make you believe its been taken in a real photo studio. Although this process can take longer than the traditional drawing, the results far surpass anything you can color on paper.

Consumer Electronic Designs


After the product has been engineered to your specifications, it then needs to be prototyped to test out tolerances, ergonomics, board layouts, material shrinkage, feasibility and overall design direction. This is an essential process that gives life to the product and you can see and feel how it will function in real life. A great advantage to this process is that changes can easily be made without expediting a lot of money to alter tooling. Actual colors, materials and textures can be applied to make the product look and feel like it was bought off the shelf at your local store.

Consumer Electronic Designs


After completing the design process, a comprehensive set of diagrams utilizing high specs along with demonstration models must be utilized to portray the whole electronic design services process and the costing for the project must be produced in a Bill of Materials with comprehensive material listings, assembly and test data to emphasize the manufacturing run of the whole product. The electronic design services project gets a comprehensive once all hardships considered before the project is taken care of and then affirmed satisfactory and given the confirmation to go ahead with the building.