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Beau Reid


Beau Reid has been changing the future of how products are made and designed to fit the world today, with over 10 years of experience in the product development game, there is no challenge he cannot surpass. He has worked with some of the most sophisticated companies learning all the tricks of the trade to further his career and enhance all the abilities needed to make a successful product in the market today. He has taken small companies and made them into mufti-million dollar enterprises with great technology and human interface to create the next and upcoming products. Using only the highest of quality programs such as PRO-E, 3Ds max, Rhino 3D, Solid Works, adobe suite and many more to engineer and design the finest production quality products. Not only a designer, Beau has proven that he can make anything he can draw on paper and bring it to life, without having to sacrifice the design at hand. Even with a short amount of time, Beau has accelerated his learning curve by working day and night with multiple clients such as Dynamic innovations, DRS Tactical Systems, Sleek Audio, SMS Audio and designed more than 50 different products across the board. In addition, he has spent the past 2 years designing and developing audio equipment for the next and upcoming companies.

Beau received his B.S in Industrial Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2007. It was here that he found his passion for design and development in the product world. From this point he started working in C.A.D based programs, where he found his true calling, as he wanted to make the drawings a reality and not just a sketch on paper. After 3D modeling the design, he then produced prototypes to hold in hand to figure out size and ergonomics of the product and further make it better.