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Fluid Edge Themes


Cars…this is one of the reasons why all businessmen spend their time and effort on their job. They want to invest on the best car that they could have. Why? First and foremost, it is very essential for their transportation. Next, it is needed for every event or gatherings. Lastly, it is for their happiness and satisfaction.

Since most of the businessmen already have a car nowadays, it not already a big issue. The big issue here is that if someone drove a luxurious car like no other. It is a hundred percent guarantee that most of them will ask, “Where did you buy this car?”, “How much is it?” Having a very elegant and artistic design of car will turn their head 180 degrees. That is why we design this kind of car to be able to have it in the near future.

This is Drakon, the most elegant car in the planet. Why? It is because it has a fine edge that is very attractive and creates a great effect to whoever looks at it. It was design for the classy businessmen who want to show off their wealth and power. The exterior design of this car is one of a kind. Hence, this car has more benefit that everyone wants to experience.

  • No Need for Large Investment for Gas

Getting irritated when you always stop on every block to fill up for gas? This car won’t make it happen again. It has a gas saving technology that saves you from filling up every hour. In addition, it has eco friendly technology to ensure that you are not increasing the pollution in the air.

  • One Seat

Have a great moment when you are experiencing the best riding experience. This one seated car is not disadvantage at all. It only states that the car is definitely just for you. It has a very comfortable seat that was made from the best materials in the world. It is also durable for a lifetime use.

  • Great Overall Design

Show to your friends how cool your car is. It has a smooth edge outer design that shines on every corner. As a matter of fact, this car is absolutely an eye-catching car. People who will see this car will definitely say wow. It has signal lights just like the other car. The only difference is the style of the lights which are very fascinating. The center has a sexy curve design which makes it more elegant.

  • Perfect Speed Performance

This is the car that makes your travel experience like no other. It is ultra speed but it executes smooth performance.

This car will be the dream car of all car lovers out there. We did perfectly think about every detail to make it more presentable. Cars nowadays have great designs too but nothing will beat the Drakon professional image. We did the best that we can to be able to come up in this design. Designing is our expertise. This is Design by Beau.