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Travel is one of life’s true pleasures, but too often, business travel feels like just another office. Not anymore.

Introducing the perfect (smart) suitcase for wandering while you work: the Remote Carry-On, from Fernweh Luggage.

We started with the lightest weight, most durable polycarbonate materials and large, ball-bearing hollow wheels, so you can easily roll down the path less traveled.

And when you get there, the fold-out workstation lets you pull up a desk to any seat, rock or stump you find.

Running out of juice? Plug into a pair of USB ports and recharge your phone up to 3 and a half times.

Being somewhere amazing is the goal, but a painless travel experience is just as important.

The Remote Carry-On’s incredible, one-button clam-shell design makes it easy to grab your laptop and liquids, so you can fly through security, and built-in GPS tracking makes sure your bag never gets lost, ever. It even has a scale built into the wheels, so you know your bag is the proper weight without having to lift a finger.

Add in a gorgeous LCD display and smart-lock, and you’re looking at the single greatest work + pleasure bag ever created.


The Remote Carry-On, from Fernweh Luggage.

Wander while you work.