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 Kent Clothier

Custom websites become the latest and newest trend in the online world of business. In the present, people create business and personal websites that are fully customized to catch the attention of their target clients and achieve maximum profit. One of the most important considerations in the design and functionality of the website is that which will give its good look and feel.

In the case of Kent Clothier, rest assured that it will give what the visitors and existing clients need and expect. It is due to the reason it is packed with advanced website design technology for extreme performance in every use.

A Brief Detail About this Site

The name of the site itself is the name of the owner of this custom website. It has been established with human interaction experiences in mind. It features mobile ready and multi-platform which will definitely catches the attention of the audience. It has been designed with easy to use and simple layouts to make the visitors feel comfortable and convenient to explore the rest of the details in it.

Kent Clothier is the Chief Executive Office and President of the REWW (Real Estate Worldwide). REWW is the multi-faceted company which is focused on real estate education. It has headquarters in Arizona, San Diego, Scottsdale and Boca Raton in Florida.

This custom-built website presents the dynamic sales organization of the company, including numerous sales professionals across the nation. The company excels in delivering commitment to personalized and excellent customer care.

Early Business Achievements

This fully customized website has attained success in its early existence as it becomes a corporate ladder at the biggest grocery distribution businesses in the nation. Its owner, Mr. Clothier, took over the daily operations and sales of the organization. This is the time when he grew the annual sales of the company to $80 Million and more than that. After a short period of time, this firm has been sold to the national competitor.

Due to the impressive career track record of Mr. Clothier, a larger and fresher organization has retained the services. Finally, in 2006, Mr. Clothier was promoted as the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing. In only 3 years, the company gained over $1.8 Billion annual sales. As a result, it became the 7th biggest privately held firm in Florida.

Efficient Custom Website Performance

Kent Clothier was able to easily attract potential clients and visitors due to one basic reason: it has a great website that is user-friendly. This site is now focused on award-winning system designed for real estate investment. The custom site clearly and briefly informs the potential customers about how to start with wholesaling real estate by availing a 90-day blueprint on the same day.

The truth is that this fully customized website has been designed by an expert and experienced Design by Beau. With its years of experience in web design and development, it did not take long for the team to create a fresh, new custom site for Kent Clothier. Today, this site receives compliments from its customers and visitors. Thanks to the expertise of Design by Beau.