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Fluid Edge Themes


Developed in the USA by Rapid Composites, this Mil-Spec drone is waterproof and made out of proprietary thermoplastic carbon fiber that are extremely light weight and super strong.  Using  high tech electronics these drones will reach 100mph and carry up to 8lbs.  Weather resistant and IP67 compliant, these drones are built for any military terrain. –

LF3 specs-


    Wingspan:   20″ L x 19″ W x 10.2″ H” H
    Installed Power:   5.1kW (X8 configuration.)
    Max Takeoff Weight:   7.5 Pounds
    Typical Weight:   72 oz
    Empty Weight:  40 oz
    Payload:   48 oz
    Battery Weight:    32 oz
    Battery Capacity:   10.6Ah (2 batteries X8 configuration)
    Hover Time:    20-25 minutes
    MaxSpeed:    up to 100mph
    Typical Endurance:    15 miles
    Key Operational Capabilities:   CQB, FLIR, mission planning, GPS denied space
    Unique Features:   air foil lift surfaces & rotor shroud, optionally amphibiou



    Available only to the military at