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Intelligent Baby Monitor

The most advanced baby monitor on the market today!  Designed and engineered to monitor not only your babies movement, but also a more in depth look at the breathing, sleep patterns and sounds.  Integrated smart technology takes a new leap by making sure your baby is not only sleeping but also lets you know there are not issues or if the child stops breathing.   Winner of 7 awards for best innovative baby monitor, this all the best to offer.  Night vision and HD camera to make sure you never miss a moment of your kids life.

Advanced features

  • Features include-
  • Live breathing
  • Sleep tracking
  • Two way talk
  • Lullabies | sounds
  • Temp / humidity
  • Baby awake / asleep
  • Night Vision
  • HD Video / Photo
  • Crypto Security
  • Movement Detector
  • Wearable Free
  • Subscription Free


How to buy-

purchase your Miku baby monitor today at