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Alfa Romeo 4C

No one can argue the beauty and love people have for this unique Supercar, but there are a few minor issues when you make a light weight Supercar for the masses.   Most would agree that the exterior is top notch but the interior buttons and switches do appear to be on the cheaper end.  I had set out to fix this issue by designing high end controls made out of aluminum to make the interior just as nice to see as the exterior.  Made from CNC machined 6061 aluminum, glass accents and upgraded design gives this car something to look and feel like a high end Supercar.  Why stop there,  custom carbon fiber autoclave engine cover with a CNC machined aluminum center peice in rosso red!  Then we removed the cheap plastic mirrors, and made them out of a one peice carbon fiber, saving 3 pounds of weight.  The center controls also needed some updating, so we made new custom buttons and removed all the plastic parts from the interior.  This required 3D scanning all parts and redesigning them in aluminum and other exotic materials.  The steering wheel was upgraded to a Guilia QV steering wheel with a custom made PCB board to house a set of racing shift paddles.  This was finished off with a LED shift light for maximum use on the track.  other upgrades included an arm rest, leather wrapped and place holder for your cell phone to charge.


Custom made parts include-

  • Shift paddles
  • climate controls
  • lock / unlock buttons
  • engine cover
  • Side mirrors
  • Alfa Romeo Guilia QV steering wheel with custom racing shifting paddles
  • climate control face plate
  • center console tunnel
  • key fob
  • body kit (coming soon)