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The VQ System, or Variable Equalization System, is the first of its kind in an in-ear monitor.
This multi-stage system allows you to completely customize the sound of your music. While you may appreciate brilliant treble, someone else may want deeper bass. Now, with the VQ System, all listening experiences can be tailored: from symphony to hip-hop, or country to rap, everyone can have the sound they love.

First, using Interchangeable High Frequency Filter 
Tips, the end-user can dramatically alter the sound of the high frequencies to adjust the amount of make up gain they need after inserting sound isolating in-ear monitors. It may be that you like sustained high-frequencies with a peak at the vocals. Or it could be that you want a flat response with some roll off at the upper high end. The choice is yours with our Interchangeable Treble Tips.

Second, low frequency response is a personal preference. Our patent-pending Variable (Interchangeable) Bass Port System maximizes the low-end bass curve. Making a change in volume at 20 hertz with our interchangeable bass filters, with no effect on the high-frequencies. This is an industry first

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