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Smart Sticks

Every kid grows up wanting to play the drums, but not everyone wants the noise associated with it.  Muzik Smart sticks takes smart technology and converts drumsticks to play on your smartphone while getting to learn how to use drumsticks without the equipment.  built in Bluetooth links to your smartphone where you can load different drum sets to play on right from your phone!  simulated feedback lets you know when and how hard you hit the drums making it the quietest way to play the drums in the privacy of your home.  Plug in your favorite headphones and listen to your drum set at high quality fidelity. Smart sticks are based on an open platform that allows any developer to customize to any game or APP.


Features include-

  • Bluetooth
  • gyros
  • LED lighting
  • connects to smartphone
  • open source platform
  • micro USB charging


Developed by Muzik llc