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Design is an Art

Design by beau starts with a simple sketch on paper and creates ideas and inspiration to bring them to life. This is where innovative ideas are made to take the product to the next level of design and combine them with function for . After the sketching stage is completed, it then transfers over to the computer where color and realism are created and more detail is added into the design. The final step is to present all the concepts to the client and choose one or more concepts and combine them to create the final design. We strive to take all the ideas and bring them into one sleek looking design to catch the consumers eye.




Engineering perfection

Our electronic engineering group is specialized in ASIC design, FPGA design, hardware and system architecture, embedded software design, DSP design as well as signal/ power integrity analysis. Clients ask for our help with their design review, feasibility studies, timing closure support, engineering cost analysis, architecture review or definition and many others. Using only the most sophisticated programs to date, we can make some of the most microscopic and sophisticated parts known to man . Any project, either small or big must prove to be workable and the feasibility judged by the electronic design services team. This can only be possible once the management is good and can get out of the viability of the project and abandon the unrealistic goals. The design team must have a solid landing of the different manufacturing processes at all the vital stages.




Prototype for ergonomics

After the product has been engineered to your specifications, it then needs to be prototyped to test out tolerances, ergonomics, board layouts, material shrinkage, feasibility and overall design direction. This is an essential process that gives life to the product and you can see and feel how it will function in real life. A great advantage to this process is that changes can easily be made without expediting a lot of money to alter tooling. Actual colors, materials and textures can be applied to make the product look and feel like it was bought off the shelf at your local store. Electronics can also be tested and used in the prototype to further the design and get a feel as to what your product will perform.




Website development

WordPress has become the standard platform for straightforward informational websites. By partnering with the experienced team at Design by beau, you can have a completely customized WordPress solution, simplified backend administrative controls, and eliminate any issues associated with web development. By continuing to raise the bar of web development, Design by beau has been recognized and awarded for clean and minimal web designs that will bring costumers to your door step. Design by beau's expertise and intuitive team of overachievers, we have a true passion for success. We start by analyzing your sales process and identify areas for customer growth and leverage these insights into calls-to-action and user-pathways.